#SpeakeasyStyle Outdoor Décor

Create the luxe feeling of a speakeasy outside

When cultivating #SpeakeasyStyle, all spaces should be stylish: both indoors and out. During the summer, we want to spend as much time outside as possible, so creating outdoor décor that is energizing, sophisticated, and surprising is a great way to have your outdoor space become an extension of your indoor speakeasy style.

Obviously we can’t wallpaper the fence or hang a brass chandelier from a tree, so how do we create the feeling of a speakeasy outdoors?

Outdoor Décor with a Speakeasy Twist

  • Layer in colors that match indoor spaces through painting accent walls, planter boxes, or stenciled floors in colors that match some of your indoor spaces. Or, bring those colors to outside spaces through colorful pots, lanterns, throw pillows, cushions, or rugs. This creates a continuous feeling from your inside your house to the outside patio.
  • Mix shapes, materials, and textures to create a variety of elements that are eye-catching and exciting. When building raised beds, mix classic rectangular cedar raised beds with metal circular raised beds of varying heights to make the garden even more interesting to look at.
  • Add pattern through painting a stencil pattern on a patio or balcony floor or upcycling wooden wine boxes by painting a fun design. This is great way to add either vintage or modern (or both!) design elements to your outdoor spaces.
  • Create moments of surprise by adding an unexpected pattern around a corner or beneath your feet. Or, by incorporating an interesting element that you can only see a sliver of to make people explore the space further to discover it. Also, immersing spaces in plants that smell divine to make people stop in their tracks and be fully present.
  • Plant herbs that pair well with cocktails and fresh vegetables and fruits that make stand-out summer dinner party dishes. You can’t have a speakeasy without a good party, so cultivate the ingredients that you need for those unforgettable nights!
  • Design spaces to gather with friends to share a crisp glass of rosé and a salad fresh from your garden. Add candles, a chimenea, and/or string lights to mimic the soft lighting of a speakeasy. Make the space so comfortable and luxurious that no one ever wants to leave.

By bringing your unforgettable style to your outdoor spaces, you will love gin and tonics on your colorful patio as much as martinis by a fireplace. In #SpeakeasyStyle, no space should be an afterthought, so let’s make our patios, balconies, and gardens lush and opulent!

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DIY designers Shannon and Sean are a totally normal couple who are transforming their weird 80's home into a modern speakeasy. They're bringing #SpeakeasyStyle to their Seattle house to make it martini-ready.

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