Quick DIY: Décor Closet

Organize your seasonal décor in style

Here’s a quick DIY project that organizes all of your seasonal décor in one place. It’s such a pain in the butt to open a million plastic tubs to find those mercury glass votive candles holders that you now want to put on your dining table. Enter the décor closet!

Quick DIY Step-by-Step

Step 1: Take a closet, preferably a walk-in closet, and add several shallow shelves.

Step 2: Paint the shelves whatever color you prefer.

Step 3: Here’s the secret tip: add a shoe fence so that your fragile décor items a) do not fall of the shelves during an earthquake, and b) you don’t accidentally knock them off the shelves with a rogue elbow.

Step 4: Add your décor items and organize however you wish so it is easy to grab whatever you are looking for when refreshing your #SpeakeasyStyle for a new season.

This quick DIY project has brought so much joy to our house!

I love that it is easy to find the special trinkets I have been collecting for years and to bring them out to look at. It’s so wonderful not digging through storage tubs, but instead browsing this beautiful shelf for what I’m looking for. We hope you enjoy this project as much as we did!

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