How to Design as a Couple

How to design your house together as a couple

How to design as a couple and not get divorced in the process. You know on all of the HGTV shows how the woman is the “designer” and the man is the “contractor,” we think that’s bullshit. In our speakeasy, we design everything together and build everything together. 

Here are our practical tips to love working together on DIY design:

  1. Order One Million Samples: It helps to see and touch the real deal products to quickly make decisions together. Nothing builds teamwork like hating the same tile texture.
  1. Throw it on the Screen: Pour a cup of coffee (or wine), hit airplay, and stream that chandelier to your TV so you can analyze it together. It feels more fun to lounge on a couch and look at 20 light fixtures than hunching over a laptop together.
  1. Measure, Really Measure: Read ALL dimensions and measure (probably twice) to make sure this piece really fits your style and space. We recommend measuring together and trading off who holds the tape measure to build true teamwork and buy-in on the product you are purchasing.
  1. Open 100 tabs: It takes 100 tabs open in your browser to find your perfect rug. Accept this, embrace this, and throw it on the screen.
  1. Everyone Gets a Say: No one is the leader and no one is the follower. One person does not have better taste than the other. Both of you sit on the same couch and touch the same light switch. Design together, live together.
  1. Enjoy the Process: Picking the tile is way more fun than grouting the tile. Enjoy the design process, it’s totally the most fun part!

We have learned so much about each other through designing our modern speakeasy and it has strengthened our relationship. Also, we can’t afford to pay $50k for a designer, so we have to do it ourselves to make our renovation possible. Have fun together–in the end it’s just tile and paint and who cares if you hate it in 10 years, you love it now.

Design as a Couple
Design as a Couple

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