4 Interior Design Tips for #SpeakeasyStyle

Learn four interior design tips for creating #SpeakeasyStyle

Here are four interior design tips for creating #SpeakeasyStyle at your home to set the mood for romantic cocktail hour and creative rejuvenation after a long workday on Zoom.

  1. Brass Vintage Lights: Adding bright brass vintage (and modern vintage-inspired lights) brings warmth to the cool color palette of #SpeakeasyStyle
  1. Wild Wallpaper: Mixing in whimsical wallpaper on bookshelves and around corners brings a fun element of surprise to your home without being too overwhelming
  1. Bold Color Palette: Painting walls and upcycled furniture rich, soulful colors brings a touch of sophistication that imbues the space with a feeling of calm that pairs perfectly with a crisp martini
  1. Fancy Finishes: #SpeakeasyStyle is about luxe living without pretension, so add touches of glam throughout the house to inspire the feeling of living somewhere truly special

These four inexpensive interior design tips will bring style, emotion, and inspiration to your home without breaking the bank. Now let’s pour a drink and lounge on a velvet couch and forget all about your to-do list.

Interior Design Tips
Modern Vintage Whimsical Light Fixture

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DIY designers Shannon and Sean are a totally normal couple who are transforming their weird 80's home into a modern speakeasy. They're bringing #SpeakeasyStyle to their Seattle house to make it martini-ready.

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