5 Interior Design Rules for #SpeakeasyStyle

Follow these rules to create bold design

Follow these five interior design rules for #SpeakeasyStyle to make your house feel as unique as a speakeasy.

#SpeakeasyStyle Interior Design Rules

  1. Be Bold: #NoNeutrals in a speakeasy house. The walls, floors, furniture, and décor should be bursting with vivid and soothing colors. #SpeakeasyStyle excites the senses. Sorry beige, you’re not welcome here.
  1. Cultivate Surprise: Even if you don’t have a secret door, you can create an element of surprise: a fun wallpaper hidden around a corner, a quirky light fixture that makes you look twice, or a vintage piece of furniture painted in a modern palette.
  1. Invite Playfulness: As the surprises draw your guests to look more closely at your décor, also invite them to interact with your fun features: slide into a retro teal booth, sit under a canopy of indoor palm trees, or try to unlock a vintage mailbox lock and find a treasure inside.
  1. Add Sophistication: #SpeakeasyStyle screams sophisticated glamour–gleaming bits of brass, mood lighting, and rich velvet are hallmark elements of speakeasies. It’s easy to add touches of glamour without breaking the bank and buying luxury brands.
  1. Honor the Past + Welcome the Future: A modern speakeasy combines the elegance of the past through vintage lights, furniture, and décor while also including bold modern paint designs, tile patterns, and furniture styles. A mix of old and new creates a truly timeless design that also provides enough contrast to excite the senses and inspire creativity.
Speakeasy in Progress

Take a look at each room in your house and see how you can apply these five interior design rules in small and large ways to inspire creativity, romance, and rejuvenation.

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DIY designers Shannon and Sean are a totally normal couple who are transforming their weird 80's home into a modern speakeasy. They're bringing #SpeakeasyStyle to their Seattle house to make it martini-ready.

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